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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States

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AshTreJinkins is a modern master of "riddim."  Originally catching ears with his on-point, off-kilter production, AshTre has now settled into his own sound.  It exists somewhere between the pastiche of chopped samples and the tempos of techno; the Zone of the Enders, if you will.  Born in Monterey, California, now firmly planted in Compton, his music reflects this duality of environment.  Tracks alternate between the gentle harmonies of nature, and the constant clash of survival in a sprawling metropolis.  Clocking in at exactly 60 minutes, Zone of the Enders is an opus of polyrhythmic exploration.  AshTreJinkins is a student of the greats, and now it's time to step out on his own.