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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States

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Ghost McGrady



Raised in the most roaring area of Central Florida, Ghost McGrady began producing music on a pirated version of FL Studio as a curious twelve-year old.  Taking early influences from Dilla, RZA, Kanye West, and many more, Ghost found his own style during high school by layering and blending various samples and crafting new soundscapes.  After catching some serious attention producing for the likes of Bishop Nehru and Boldy James, and releasing a multitude of remix projects and beat tapes on his Bandcamp, we are thrilled to release Fugue State, which we believe to be perhaps his most mature work yet.


We like to think that we're pretty picky when it comes to beats/instrumentals, but Ghost has been sending us batch after batch of pure heat.  We have been playing out a lot of Ghost's remixes and originals at Record Store Night, and we are amped to start working with such a talented, young individual.  Click on the players below and listen to Reflection [demo] and Groveland, two of his most recent projects, and among our favorites.  Head over to our market and pick up a copy Fugue State after you enjoy the free download.