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Jeremiah Jae


Jeremiah Jae is a producer, rapper, and visual artist affiliated with YBP (Young Black Preachers) and the Black Jungle Squad, based out of Chicago.  He is the son of jazz composer and musician Robert Irving III, brother of singer Sharon Irving, and he comes from an extensive musical background.  Jeremiah grew up studying classical piano and guitar and he taught himself the drums and played in various bands as a kid.  Jae's earliest influences included British indie rock, but it was only later on that he discovered hip-hop and beat production.  It was this that enabled him to bridge the gap between all his interests.  While still a teenager, he formed Young Black Preachers with his god-brothers, Aaron "Projeck" Butler and Tre Smith, and released a number of EP(s) in addition to his solo work.  Alongside Black Jungle Squad, Jeremiah Jae has continued to grow and astound listeners with his distinct voice and gusty instrumentals.


The Decline of Black Anakin is one of Jeremiah Jae's most promising bodies of work, and we at New Los Angeles are proud to present it on limited-edition cassette tape.  It features a bright cast of emcees including Eugene Snow, Oliver the 2nd, K. Embry, Beanz Da Poet, and Tre.  Black Anakin was written and produced entirely by Jeremiah Jae, and having been longtime fans, we can say with sincerity that it is one of our all-time favorites of his.

Jae's signature chop-work is in peak form here, and his raps tell stories from different dimensions.  It walks with the force while traversing the edge of the dark side.  The EP feels lonely and retrospective at times; fierce at others.  We had a blast watching him perform most of it at Record Store Night alongside Oliver the 2nd, and now you can get your hands on the cassette here in our market.  Be sure to check out Jeremiah Jae on Bandcamp!