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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States

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Perrine En Morceaux



We are so very pleased that Perrine En Morceaux walked into our world.  We are presenting this album in collaboration with an all-female, electronic label out of Paris, France called Lentonia Records.  We have developed a great rapport with the ladies of Lentonia over the last couple years, and when they sent us this record wondering if we wanted to help release, we jumped at the chance.  Perrine's music has been described as "Kraut-Pop-Opera" and we think that sums it up properly.  Perrine reminds us of everything we love about Nico, Throbbing Gristle, and Bjork without sounding like anyone but herself.  She creates swirling analog textures that pulse through changing rhythms.  She also uses her voice as an instrument, layering herself with different effects, singing in different languages, so as to create a overall wall of sound.   We are thrilled to present Rien in North America as the first New Los International release, a series of collaborations that we have planned with like-minded labels across the globe.  Pre-order on iTunes now.