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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States





Pomdip (also known as Makan Neghaban) is a working man, painter, musician, mixed martial arts enthusiast, and founding member of a particular band you may have heard of – Bür Gür. He is private, inventive, and dedicated. When he's not making music, he's stretching with his dog or relaxing with his girlfriend. Leave him alone. When he is making music, the neighbors have been known to come over and someone might even fire up the grill. We like to think of his music as the neon revival of Harry Belafonte.


At the end of June, we will be releasing his debut solo album, A Jar at the Jamboree. Upon defeating the younger, lonelier version of himself, Pomdip recognized that he wanted to make more cheerful music with an emphasis on celebration. A Jar at the Jamboree was Pomdip trying to channel the happiest energy possible. Music that sounds like what Peruvian quilts look like. He fantasized about pink bubble gum on tree bark. In the X-Men animated series, Jubilee would shoot lasers out of her hands, and there was this texture to them. Pomdip wanted to make a record that sounded like that.

A Jar at the Jamboree is a record about celebration, joy, bliss and reveling in those vibes, unabashedly. It's music for your morning drive and a soundtrack for family reunions, complete with a cool breeze and a set of noogies for your little cousins. On June 30th, get it for yourself on digital, as well as on a limited run of USB cards, complete with an exclusive 'zine. Make way for Pomdip.