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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States


Repeated Measures



Repeated Measures, born Christopher Norwood, is one of the finest young musicians on the scene.  Strapped with an electric guitar and a couple analog synths, his music shows the depth of his song-writing ability, and his production has levels of complexity and nuance that very few of his peers are capable of coming close to.  Ranging from lush ambience to minimal aggressive, Measures' beats reflect his diverse musical influence.  It's not everyday you hear heavy traces of Delta blues in contemporary electronic music.

When we asked Chris to make us an album, he set out to create a "sci-fi love story," in his words.  "A soulful journey through deep space."  During the creation of this album, he was hospitalized twice for a medical anomaly that causes one of his lungs to repeatedly collapse.  After several surgeries to find and repair the problem, finishing this album served as both a challenge and motivator.  Couple that experience with an attempt to take listenerers to the place where stars are born, and you have an album that could only be named one thing.  Collapse.  

See below for a complete list of digital retailers.  The vinyl is available via our market and can now be purchased.  The deluxe edition of the vinyl features a handmade full-color booklet, limited edition pins, and stickers.  Don't miss out on this one.  As always, pressed in limited numbers.  Stream the album below and catch up with his past projects on his Bandcamp.  Collapse has arrived.