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5017 Institute Pl
Los Angeles, CA, 90029
United States

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Walter Gross




1 / 28  Lisbon, Portugal

2 / 3  Pontevedra, Spain

2 / 4  Oviedo, Spain

2 / 5  Madrid, Spain

2 / 12  Toulouse, France

2 / 13  Marseille, France

2 / 15  Clermont, France

2 / 17Geneva, Switzerland

2 / 19  Bern, Switzerland

2 / 20  Zurich, Switzerland

2 / 23  Turin, Italy

2 / 24  Florence, Italy

2 / 25  Itri, Italy

2 / 26  Rome, Italy

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Walter Gross is a force to be reckoned with, and we feel it's high time he got his due. Walter is a filmmaker, visual artist, and beast of beats.  In fact, "beats" doesn't do him any justice, Walter writes compositions; gorgeous songs with pop sensibilities, they just happen to sound like they've been dragged to hell and back.  We've always found that Walter's music affects us in much the same way as early Nine Inch Nails, and believe that a comparison to Trent Reznor is not something we would throw around lightly.  WG is the real deal.

On October 30th we released Gøner, Walter's first project to see full digital distribution, as well as a limited-edition cassette.  In our opinion, it is his most complete work as a musician to date.  It's everything we love about releasing music.  In the words of LA Record, "This is some nakedly Naked Lunch-ian cut-up post-apocalyptic electronic noisemusik and it's gonna make you nervous – perfect for an album dropping the day before Halloween." 


Watch the "Crosshairs" music video (which WG made by hand) and as a bonus, check out Genre, an EP Walter released about a month prior to Gøner!